We are delighted to announce that CurbCargo has been awarded government funding as one of the winners in the first round of the Freight Innovation Fund (FIF) to decarbonise freight and improve transport links. The Freight Innovation Fund Accelerator is delivered by Connected Places Catapult (CPC) to help create cleaner, more innovative ways of delivering freight around the country.

CurbCargo’s mission is to help reduce pollution and congestion from freight vehicles in our cities. We work with businesses and property managers to track the environmental impact of supplier deliveries into buildings and districts and use data and insights to unlock opportunities for freight consolidation ‘digitally’.

Roads Minister Richard Holden said:

“Whether it’s drones for deliveries on remote islands or zero emission buggies – we want to invest in future technology that could transform how we move goods around the country while reducing emissions and traffic and creating skilled jobs.

“The Freight Innovation Fund gives innovators the opportunity to test their ideas and help our freight industry become greener and more efficient – unlocking better connectivity and boosting growth across the country.”

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you curb the environmental impact of freight deliveries in cities, please visit us at www.curbcargo.com