Freight pollution
in our cities

Empowering property owners, managers, and businesses to curb the environmental impact
of supplier deliveries through collaborative, data-driven changes in day-to-day delivery and ordering patterns.

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Delivery data captured to
evaluate emissions and environmental impact.

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Curb the environmental impact of supplier delivery vehicles to your buildings.

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Collaborate with neighbouring businesses to maximise sustainability efforts.

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Data Driven Collaboration

Our SaaS solution helps manage deliveries into your buildings and captures data to evaluate environmental impacts, prompt changes and foster collaboration.

How It Works


Booking and Logging

Our Booking module captures the key data needed to evaluate emissions and improves management of deliveries and collections into your building or district.


Data and Emissions

We use this data to calculate the emissions generated by your deliveries and evaluate the environmental impacts using a range of metrics.


Analysis and Interventions

Our platform learns from the delivery data and emissions metrics to prompt interventions that you can make to reduce the environmental impacts of supplier deliveries.


Fostering Collaboration

CurbCargo identifies collaboration opportunities and connects you to neighbouring businesses to further reduce emissions and build an ESG community.

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